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Physical Therapy

Your therapist at Indepth Physical Therapy specializes in Postural Restoration and uses a whole body treatment approach. You will spend 100% of your time with your physical therapist during each session. 

Indepth Physical Therapy provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of: 

  • chronic pain syndromes

  • headaches

  • neck pain

  • back pain 

  • joint pain

  • joint hypermobility

  • muscle strains 

  • fractures

  • overuse syndromes

  • sports injuries 

  • post-surgical conditions

  • pain related to pregnancy

  • vestibular disorders 

  • osteoporosis

Your treatment at Indepth Physical Therapy may include: 

  • soft tissue mobilization

  • joint mobilization

  • muscle energy techniques

  • postural reeducation

  • movement reeducation

  • neuromuscular reeducation

  • therapeutic exercise 

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